Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

An environmental certification promoting and certifying sustainable forest management. A pioneer in forest certification, the PEFC is the foremost Forest Certification system in terms of certified forest areas and the number one source of certified wood in the world.

PEFC certification is based on a governance process involving all the stakeholders concerned with the sustainable management of forests: producers, processors and users.

When consumers see the PEFC mark on wooden or wood-based products, they are guaranteed that the product they are buying comes from responsible sources and through their purchase they are supporting the sustainable management of forests.

The rules of sustainable management (in French) (03-PEFC-FR-ST-1003-1-2016-regles-de-la-gestion-forestiere-durable-exigences-pour-la-france-metropolitaine)

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Bois des Alpes certification

To obtain this certification, certain criteria must be met :

  • guaranteed traceable wood from within the French Alps
  • technical characteristics and compliance with certain current standards
  • products processed locally, developing the expertise of regional companies

Bois des Alpes therefore enables local timber to be competitive with imported timber in terms of the technical quality of the products.

Bois Des Alpes (TM) certification criteria

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CE marking

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requires that all construction products bear the CE marking before being sold. With the CE marking, the manufacturer declares that the product meets the specifications, and it can then be sold in the European Economic Area. The more essential the role of the product in the construction, the higher the level of certification.

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Log scaling

This certification helps to make cubic volume data more reliable and serves as a reference in commercial transactions between actors in the logistics chain for the supply of raw forest products such as shaped round timber (logs, billets, etc.).

This certification guarantees that :

  • a scaler takes into account the diameter of the timber on two axes
  • the data processing is based on standard NF B53-020 ‘cubic volume of round timber and similar’
  • a lockout feature for the cubic volume parameters is in place.

Third-party monitoring guarantees that the standards and methods stipulated for cubic volume measurements are respected and maintained.

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The purpose of the ISPM 15 standards is to prevent the spread of diseases and insects that can infect wood. This standard covers all wood packaging material which requires debarking and heat treatment, etc.

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Declaration of performance

For several decades, the Eymard Sawmill has also maintained a strong partnership with the company Xylophène Industrie (formerly Dyrup) in the supply of treatment products in order to guarantee you the best possible offering. You can download below our declaration of performance of our products

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