Photo traitement de bois


We offer multiple treatments to protect and improve the durability of your projects (Use Class 2: colourless and yellow, autoclave, ISPM 15).

Photo d'un raboteur


We are equipped to offer you planed products of all dimensions. See our ‘planed products’ section for more information.

Photo d'une installation de séchage de bois


We have traditional and vacuum dryers, essential for sawn softwood used in construction, which are capable of accommodating large dimensions

Photo d'une installation pour le débit sur liste


Do you have a large quantity of timber to mill? We can do cut-to-size orders for lengths between 3 and 9 metres.

Photo pour la taille de charpente

Timber frames 

Do you need a frame for a shed, chalet or other type of project? We can advise you and cut your frames.

Specific machining 

We offer you the study and the size of you specific projetcs (garden greenhouses, customized shelters, specific buildings...)

Round timber 

We realize different types of round timbers so we can suggest them to you for many usings (chalet, electric pole...)

Photo pour conception de projet

Project design 

A wish or a project? Our team supports you to design and bring to life plans using 3D visualisation software.


Would you like us to deliver to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region or elsewhere in France? We can deliver your sawn timber directly to you thanks to our transport solutions.